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Self Drilling Screw(Tek Screw)

Self Drilling Tek Screws Self Drilling Screws, also known as Tek screws, eliminate the need for a pre-drilled hole and allow drilling and fastening to be done in the same motion. Self Drilling Tek Screws are used in sheet metal, wood, aluminium etc. 10 x 3/4 Self Drilling Screws are very popular Self Drilling Tek Screws. Pan heads are slightly rounded with short vertical sides. Phillips drives are X shaped for a phillips screw driver.  Feature                     Unique Point-to-Thread Design Provides maximum pullout strength and prevents [...]


What are deck screws?

What are deck screws?      Since wood decks have many thin planks and must withstand harsh environmental conditions, deck screws are designed to accommodate the challenges of this application. They must resist corrosion, drive easily, and lay smoothly against the deck surface, called countersinking. For these reasons, many deck screws are self-countersinking, self-drilling, and coated with materials that won’t rust.        Like other screws, deck screws come in a wide variety of lengths and widths, called shanks. They also [...]